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At May Tree Care, we provide Tree Services in Burlington & Camden County NJ and the surrounding South Jersey area, including Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Trimming & Pruning, Tree Sales & Planting, Arborist Services, Wood Chipping Service, and Land Clearing.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

We use pruning methods that help improve the natural shape of a tree. Our knowledgeable staff of professional arborists are trained and equipped to know when and how to trim and prune trees and shrubs. And for the health of your tree, we do not use spikes to climb live trees.

Stump Removal

In order to remove unwanted stumps using the grinding method, we are equipped with two different sized stump grinders to fulfill all your stump grinding needs.

Tree Removal

We have the experience, up-to-date equipment, and expertise to remove any tree in any situation. Besides being skilled climbers, our fully trained staff are knowledgeable in the use of a bucket truck, crane, Spider Lift, and more.

Tree Work with Spider Lift

Our Spider Lift revolutionizes the way our crew performs tree work by allowing us to trim, shape, and remove trees in areas where a bucket truck cannot go. This machine can travel through a 32" wide gate and has a 60 foot working height reach. And while only putting 75 pounds per square foot of pressure on the ground, it is lightweight enough to be operated on nice lawns or even patios while doing no damage. Our Spider Lift allows us to perform tree trimming and shaping with ease and precision because we can reach heights that other equipment cannot. Works great for trimming tall hedges!

Tree Sales & Planting

Our company grows trees up to 10" caliper to purchase for replacement and new plantings. We also have the equipment to transplant your trees on site and from site to site.
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